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Final Exam Questions
Answer them in short sentences 1 to 4
Some of the question can be found: Sources of World Societies: Volume 2: Since 1450.
3rd Edition
1. What are some of the ideals of the Atlantic Revolutions? (Name at least 3).
2. How and why does the French Revolution begin??
3. Why does it become so repressive?
4. What was the “Reign of Terror?”
5. Who is Napoleon?
6. What is the Haitian Revolution and how is it intertwined with the French Revolution?
7. What are two important points from the “Haitian Declaration of Independence?” (pp. 311 sourcebook).
8. What are 3 things that the Latin American Revolutions have in common? What was the purpose of the Congress of Vienna?
9. What is Nationalism and why does it become a powerful force after the fall of the French and Napoleon in Europe?
10. How can it be a destabilizing force for empires? (Be specific).
11. How does the Industrial Revolution dramatically change human culture? (List at least 3 specific things).
12. What are some reasons as to why it begins in Britain?
13. What are some positive and negative consequences of Industrialism??
14. What was the purpose of the Sadler Commission and give an example of its findings (pp. 320 sourcebook)?
15. What is Communism and how is it related to (or a reaction to) the Industrial Revolution? (pp. 329 Sourcebook). Be specific!
16. What are some of the reasons/ justifications for European Imperialism in the 19th Century (aka “The New Imperialism)?
17. What was the Berlin Conference and why do all of the European nations scramble to take over Africa?
18. What is happening in the Ottoman Empire in the 1800s?
19. What was Tanzimat and “The Imperial Rescript” by Sultan Abdul Mejid? List at least three important reforms from that document (pp. 342).
20. What are the different attitudes towards the new ideas of industrialization and modernization in the Muslim world (Ottoman Empire, etc.). ?
21. What factors led to the decline of China in the 19th Century (Be specific)?
22. What was the Opium War?
23. Describe the Taiping rebellion and why it fails. Describe America’s “opening” of Japan and what is Japan’s unique response to European Imperialism?

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