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Fiscal Policy
Assignment Details
Please use your own experiences and the knowledge you have gained from this week’s readings to answer the following topics and questions.  You may also use information that you find in the textbook, AIU’s library or the Internet to support your discussion. Make sure you use economic concepts in your main contribution.  
This week, you will discuss how you are affected by fiscal policy. For instance, you could write about how infrastructure projects in your community affect you and your community, and then how they affect the economy as a whole. 

Please identify and explain an important infrastructure project in your city, state, or region that is currently underway or being discussed.  Such a project could be an airport, a highway, a bridge, a light rail or subway system, a tunnel, new school buildings, new landfills and so on. 
Please include information about the expected costs of the project, and how public spending on the project could stimulate the economy in your area. How would the multiplier effect work here?  Do you think that spending on such a project would create new jobs beyond the project itself?

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