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Insufficient job descriptions and/or job expectations documents

Lack of feedback to employees regarding job performance

Difficult or low-autonomy nature of the job

Unclear job expectations and responsibilities

Insufficient support from management or colleagues

Unrealistic workload demands

Poor communication between supervisors and employees

Unattractive remuneration package

Poor work-life balance

Insufficient Compensation

Too Much Work

Limited Growth Opportunities

Unclear Expectations

Poor understanding of leadership’s expectations

Lack of job training

Poorly articulated job functions

Limited job progression opportunities

Lack of job satisfaction

Unclear job expectations and responsibilities

High rates of staff turnover within the administrative assistant department have negatively impacted the efficiency and productivity of the department

Inadequate career development opportunities

Poorly defined job roles and duties

Limited resources available for training and upskilling employees

Lack of training and lack of clear job expectations or responsibilities

Low pay scales compared to other departments

Poor or inadequate job descriptions and job design

Uncompetitive bonus and rewards system

Limited opportunities for career development

Insufficient prospective advancement opportunities and wages

Insufficient benefits and perks

Poor communication between managers and staff

Uncompetitive salaries and limited recognition for excellent work

Lack of recognition of staff efforts and contributions



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