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Framing An Issue From The Sociological Perspective
Create a 15–20-slide presentation on immigration policy.
Your task in this assessment to debates on  immigration policy—and create a presentation that would be delivered at a symposium on a college campus. You will need to place the debate in historical context, which will involve researching the history of policy as it pertains to your chosen topic and the social movements that developed as a result—for example, the immigration rights movement. You will also be asked to address potential questions audience members might ask in this kind of situation.
Your presentation should demonstrate your understanding of the debate you have chosen, as well as your ability to apply the sociological perspective to a complex and controversial social issue.
Focusing on immigration policy, create a PowerPoint presentation  for the hypothetical audience you are addressing, which addresses each of the items below.
-Include graphics with supporting data in the form of charts, tables, or graphs when appropriate, and include any other information that supports your message. Be sure to include extensive speaker’s notes to provide detailed descriptions of each of the topics covered in the presentation, if you create a PowerPoint presentation.
Complete the following:
-Provide an overview and description of the central issue you have chosen to address.
-Describe the evolution of the social movements that are a precursor for or have emerged as a result of your chosen issue.
-Include a time line with key events to provide historical context.
-Describe any milestones that have characterized the development of the social movement involving your issue.
-Briefly analyze the following for your selected topic:
-The evolution of federal legislation on the topic over the past 10 years.
-The current political landscape, including key political debates related to your central issue.
-Introduce the important political players in the national debate, and discuss how sociological theory can be used to understand why some players have more power than others in this debate.
-Discuss how the continued uncertainty in political and legal environments affects stakeholders who are seeking to expand their rights or challenge existing policies.
-Describe tactics used to further the cause.
-The symposium coordinator has sent you the questions below in anticipation of your visit. Draft answers for each, typing your answers in the Notes box below the Questions slide you have created on the  PowerPoint presentation.
– Support your answers with research and data from scholarly sources. 
-Choose the set of questions that is appropriate for your chosen topic.
“Ninety percent of illegal immigrants are on the public dole. Why are we giving welfare benefits to people who aren’t citizens?”
“Mexicans are taking away our jobs. What is the best way to stop them?”

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