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Use Attachments for answer 

Use this template to complete the question. Be sure to delete the instructions that are provided in the template before submitting it.

  • Preliminary Site Information: Provide a short description of the organization, including pertinent contextual information.
  • Your Role in or Relationship With the Organization: Explain your role in or relationship to the organization and any improvement plans related to your project.
  • Statement of the Problem: Define the problem of practice in the organization, including a descriptive narrative.
  • Data and Evidence: Provide a narrative about the evidence that supports the problem of practice statement.
  • Appendix A: Complete Gap Analysis Worksheet: Include the gap analysis template accompanied by a brief description of feedback received and analysis of the gaps. 
  • Appendix B: Completed Fishbone Diagram: Include the fishbone diagram, including specific information about evidence.  
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