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Govt 30 Sentences
Political Parties in America
Choose one of the following political parties to research:
– You are looking for the historical American party (probably from the late 1700’s, early 1800’s, or the early 1900’s), please do not confuse these parties with modern organizations that may share the same name or with political parties from other countries.
The Federalist Party
The National Republican Party (the party that existed in the early 1800’s, not the current Republican Party)
The Anti-Mason Party
The Nullifer Party
The Whig Party
The Know-Nothing Party
The Free Soil Party
The Constitutional Union Party
The Greenback Party
The Bull-Moose Party
From various sources please answer the following questions. You must indicate your sources and may not use Wikipedia or other “public source” websites. Public source websites are defined as websites that allow members from the public to add content regardless of credentials or qualifications. Websites like Wikipedia, Reddit, Yahoo! Answers, and Quizlet are obvious examples of public source websites. In general, you should look for websites that end in .org or .edu although some .com websites will be credible and, therefore, permissible.
You must write in complete sentences.
1.) When did the party form? (1 sentence)
2.) Why did it form? (3-4 sentences)
3.) When did the party dissolve? (1 sentence)
4.) Why did it dissolve? (3-4 sentences)
5.) Who were its major leaders and other influential members? (2-3 sentences)
6.) What were its political goals? (6-8 sentences)
7.) How successful was this party in terms of winning elections and achieving its goals? (2-3 sentences)
8.) How did the party relate to other political parties during its own time? Who did they oppose? Did they have any political allies? (4-5 sentences)

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