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HUM105 Great Ideas of World Civilizations
Discussion Forum 1
Can you “get” an education? 
Part A:  Read Mortimer Adler’s “How To Mark a Book”, and watch the video talk by Father Guido Sarducci that I have linked us to (You can find both in the Materials for the Four Units area, in the folder entitled “Course Introductory Materials). Then, take a look at the attached cartoon. You may have to enlarge it to read the print. After you’ve looked at the Adler essay, the video, and the cartoon, use this discussion area to examine the discussion question below with the other members of the class. Click on “Reply” to open up a space where you can post. When you’re done, click on “Submit”.
Remember, this is a discussion – We are not required to come up with a single “right” answer. Please feel free to express your opinion, as long as you follow the rules of respectful discourse: listen and think about everyone’s views, and respond with reasons and thoughtful arguments. Please use at least one quotation from Adler’s essay and one reference to Father Guido’s talk in your responses
Please have your first post submitted by Thursday, January 24th, 11:59 pm.
Part B:  After everyone has had a chance to answer the question, choose at least one classmate and post a response to their comments. To do this, click on “Reply” from within the classmate’s post. Click on “Submit” when you’re done.
Please Note: Your second post should not just agree or disagree. You must add something substantial to what’s already been said. DON’T just say “Me too” or put the same ideas into new words. If you agree, add a new point or suggest a new way of understanding what’s been said. If you disagree, do so with logical objections, additional evidence, and always, of course, courtesy and respect. Again, I encourage you to quote Adler and Father Guido in your response. Show us that you’re paying attention.
You should submit your second post,  a response to a classmate’s first post, to this Discussion Forum 1 by 11:59 pm, Sunday, January 27th.
When you’re completely done, you should have a minimum of two posts on this thread – one in which you answer the question below, and one in which you respond to a classmate’s post.
The discussion question: Can one person, like a teacher or expert, “give” or “sell” an education to another person, so that the second person then “owns” it? Is an education something you can “get”, like money or possessions? Or is it something that becomes a part of the person involved? Remember your own goals for this class as you answer.
To add your comment, just click on “reply”, add your comments to the box provided, and, when you’re done, click “submit”. (A cautious hint – to avoid problems with Blackboard, you probably should copy-and-paste what you’ve written to a separate Word document before you click on “submit”. That will prevent you from losing everything you’ve already written, if Blackboard has a hiccup and doesn’t save your comment.)

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