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HUM105 Great Ideas of World Civilizations
Discussion Forum 2
Where does sexuality come from?
This week, for our second Discussion Forum, take a look at the materials I’ve posted on Blackboard for you in the Materials for the Four Units section, in Unit One. At the very least, for this discussion forum, you should do the assigned reading (Outline on “Men and Women in Western European History”, “Masculinity in Chinese History”, and also look at the short PowerPoint on “Gender and Sexuality”.  If you wish and have time, you can also watch the clip from Mulan, a few minutes of the film Tough Guise on YouTube, and look at the “Women in Art” video. Browse the materials in the “Guide to Being a Good Woman” folder, and any of the other materials that catches your eye. Spend a little time thinking about what you’ve seen and heard.
Then, some time between now and Thursday, January 31st at 11:59 pm, post your first response to the forum: your answer to the question below. It should be about 150 to 200 words, and refer to the assigned readings and any other materials you chose to look at.
Then, between Friday morning and Sunday night, post your second response. Your second response can be shorter, but it should be a full response to a post of one of your classmates: at least three sentences. That one needs to be completed by 11:59 pm, February 3rd. Please use at least one direct quotation from the assigned readings (use quotation marks and cite properly), and one reference to on-line materials in your first post, and make sure you do at least one of the following for each of your two posts:
Be the first to post an answer to the question.
Agree, but then add to what someone else has already said.
Disagree with something already said, but explain why you disagree.
Add a new element or new idea to the discussion.
Do not just agree, disagree, go off on an unrelated tangent, or base your argument on “It’s just my opinion”. Give reasons. And be grammatical. This is college.
Here’s this week’s question: Are the character traits we associate with masculinity and femininity entirely the result of our biology? In other words, are men just naturally born more likely to be more violent or aggressive and more sexually assertive than women? Are women just naturally born more nurturing, timid, gentle, and submissive than men? Or are we trained or do we choose to act according to the rules we’re given by our culture?
Remember, you’re not required to agree with or accept what I give you to read or see. Go ahead and question!

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