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Project Proposal: How Climate Change Affects Agriculture in South and Central America


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HSA4113 – Online – Semester

Global Issues and Trends in Healthcare


Florida International University

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Project Proposal: How Climate Change Affects Agriculture in South and Central America

Introduction to the Problem

Problem to be addressed. A changing climate is not something new to South and

Central America. Both regions are already battling a weather-war against recurring hurricanes,

horrid flash floods and landslides, linked to violent and changing rainfall patterns. Days have

become noticeably warmer and the region has been losing its number of cool nights. On top of

that, unusual low rainfall means Central America now has to prepare for a drought linked food

crises (Familiar, 2014).

Problem subtopic. Climate change results in both direct adverse effects on the health of

the population, as well as indirect adverse effects resulting from changes in ecological and social

systems. The more direct impacts include illness and death from heat stress, breathing problems

due to worsening pollution, increased incidence of infectious diseases for example, increased

flooding will affect the drinking water supply, increased transport of pathogens rising

temperatures may also promote their survival and persistence, and injuries from an increased

occurrence of natural disasters. The more indirect effects include rising risks of malnutrition and

health problems associated with massive migration and displaced populations living in shelters

(Leon, 2015).

Possible Causes and Maintaining Forces

Cause. Greenhouse gases emitted by humans, Greenhouse gases come from all sorts of

everyday activities, such as using electricity, heating our homes, and driving around town.


These greenhouse gases don't just stay in one place after they're added to the atmosphere. As air

moves around the world, greenhouse gases become globally mixed, which means the

concentration of a greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide is roughly the same no matter where you

measure it. (Hass, 2016).

Cause. Tropical deforestation is a major cause of climate change. more forests have been

destroyed in this region than in any other since the United Nations Framework Convention on

Climate Change was adopted in 1992 (Hass, 2016)

Why the problem persists. The lack of public concern about climate change the affects

it has to the people and agriculture in these countries. Americans' generally low level of concern

about global warming compared with other environmental issues is not new, warming has

generally ranked last among Americans' environmental worries each time which is a big problem

in this country (Rousseau, 2014).

Why the problem persists. Lack of acceptance and understanding by the nations and

their government. Global warming remains an issue of widespread political debate, often split

along party political lines, especially in the United States. Many of the issues that are settled

within the scientific community, such as human responsibility for global warming, remain the

subject of politically or economically motivated attempts to downplay, dismiss or deny

(Rousseau, 2014).

Background and Justification

Prior attempts and previously proposed solutions. Talks seek to build on the Kyoto

Protocol, signed in 1997 and officially brought into force in 2005, and subsequent rounds. Under

Kyoto, developed nations were bound to reduce combined greenhouse gas emissions by 5.2

percent by 2012, compared to their 1990 levels. Under its framework, targets are set for each


country depending on their size, and importantly, on their historic “climate debt.” So while

hyper-developed United States were meant to lower emissions by seven percent, many

developing countries are even permitted a rise. In my project I will use painting/art to justify how

it can inspire concern, acceptance, and action in ways that the large scale previous attempts have

not been able to. I will justify my idea by demonstrating my painting to a doctor and his staff that

specializes in breathing complication due to the environment and other causes. After it is viewed

by them I will ask them to give me feedback about my drawing and what they took from it

(Villegas, 2014).

Deficiencies in the solution paradigm. But in 2009 at the Copenhagen Climate Change

Conference, this whole process was severely damaged, with many pointing the finger at the

United States. That conference was meant to agree climate change mitigation beyond 2012. But

the Copenhagen Accord allowed countries to decide their own targets for greenhouse gas

emissions reduction, on a voluntary, non-binding basis. Also the persisting force of lack of

public concern, awareness, acceptance and belief that the issue of climate change is affecting

these countries in this era especially with all the technology available now (Villegas, 2014).

Supplemental Material. I will be inspired by others painters that composed painting and

drawings inspired by the climate change and its affects it has to these countries. I will gain

knowledge and conduct research on these artists and try my best to think the way they were at

that moment and compose my own drawing to share with others.

Newly Proposed Deliverable

Deliverable overview. The aim for this activity is to create awareness of the climate

change and the affects it has on agriculture in Central and South America. I will do my research

in other artists that create paintings that shows how agriculture of these countries were affected


by the weather. It will consist of pictures, facts and biographies of painters and their art work.

Towards the end I will attempt to create an original painting of own interrupting what I learned

from these artists.

Significance to the student. Our next generation will have to live in a world with less

nature and wildlife due to the choices we are doing today. It is important that society handles this

situation as soon as possible for the sake of our future kids. If society does not understand with

facts maybe they will learn to appreciate the earth more through art.

Target audience. Under the age of 30 or anyone that enjoys viewing art.

External dissemination platform. Platforms such as museums, magazines, newspapers,

websites, places were its will catch the audience attention

Proposed length and justification. The activity will be about two- three pages long

using valuable sources.


Goal of new deliverable. To provide the targeted audience with a fun source on the topic

of climate change without it being long and boring. It will automatically catch their eye and be

interested to learn more compared to a long essay filled with numbers and facts

Success outcome measures. If conducted correctly, this activity will make society look

at the climate change in a different way and will start to realize that it is a serious issue.

Enhancement of global awareness. I am targeting this specific audience because it

allows me to inspire a certain group that might not have a clear notion of what is going in these

countries. The under 30 crowd is a young demographic that is taught well they could make a big

difference to the fight of climate change. My redesign/deliverable project will inform everyone

about the causes that the climate change has caused to these countries. The illustrations will


hopefully open the audience eyes and experience through the painting the hardship that the

natives are suffering from the climate.

Enhancement of global perspective-taking. This activity will allow society to look at

climate change and its severity in a fun and interesting way but yet being cultivating enough to

arise awareness of the issue. My project will show through art the hard ache of the people that

are living in this country. Art is something that everyone is into somehow so combining art with

real life situations that is going on in the world, it will catch of the attention of many people even

the younger generations. Yes, you can read facts about this on the internet but what makes mines

unique is that it will provided you the opportunity to look at a drawing and see what that person

what thinking. It makes it interesting and less dramatic.



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