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Introduction to Humanities Sociocultural Understanding Assignment Guidelines
(50 points total)
For this assignment, you will address how we can become more responsive to our local, national and international communities. You should use “I” or “we” in this paper.
Your assignment will answer these four questions:
1. How does studying the humanities (defined as the visual, performing and literary arts, philosophy, and religion) increase your understanding of culture beyond your individual experience? You should address how you identify yourself (ethnicity—such as the region and family background, your religious and/or political belief system, class status, etc.) and compare (find likenesses and differences) your cultural identity with one or more of the cultures you have studied in class so far. (10 points total)
2. What have you learned about the different kinds of societal groups (band, tribes, chiefdoms, states)? What causes the shifts from one to the next and how did those groups organize themselves, work together, allocate resources, make decisions and punish those who had gone against the values and beliefs of the group? How does the environment shape these cultures (for example, make one type of group become the next form of group)? You might want to focus on one group in detail, using examples of artifacts we have looked at in class while briefly comparing it to the group either before it or after it (10 points total)
3. How does reflecting on the sacrifices made by previous generations and the privileges you enjoy as an individual make you more willing to help others who do not have those privileges? Do you believe that those with more opportunities to succeed should be morally obligated to help those who do not? What might the next generations think about our society if we don’t? (10 points total)
4. How can you create positive changes for your local community, the nation, and international communities? What might those changes look like in action? Have you engaged in these changes? If not, what has kept you from making these changes? What might be some personal benefits of being engaged? What happens when individuals don’t engage with their communities? Why is it important to engage in positive actions that affect local and global communities? You might want to consider how global conflicts affect our national society, think about the causes of societal collapse, and what the future problems for humanity might be. (10 points total)
1. Your assignment must be typed!
2. You must turn a paper copy to me and submit a copy to Turnitin via Canvas. I will not grade the assignment unless I have the paper copy and a Turnitin submission. It will be considered late if I receive only one form on time but not the other on time.
3. The recommended number of words is 600 words minimum (about two full pages). Grammar and spelling count and are worth 10points of the assignment. Use double spacing for this assignment!
If you need some inspiration for question 4, view one of these TED talks (be sure to cite it if you use it):

Late work:
The last day to turn in this assignment is two weeks from the due date (see the syllabus with the calendar)
Information on Proper Citation:
You do not need to use research for this assignment; however, if you do use other sources (for definitions, explanations, inspiration), you must cite them in two ways:
1. In the assignment itself right after you use the source
2. In a separate Works Cited page at the end of the paper.
Exact words must have quotation marks around them. Paraphrasing must also be cited.
1. According to the Starburst Committee, “elephant vocalizations served as models for human communication” (“How We Got Language”).
2. According to the Starburst Committee’s publication, “How We Got Language,” people learned to talk from watching elephants.
3. The site was “discovered in 1887 by peasant workers clearing land” (Miller 123).
4. Sayre states that composite view involves “the integration of multiple perspectives into a single unified image.” (31).
If you cite works in the assignment, you must also include a Works Cited part at the end of the assignment.
Works Cited
Dudley, Drew. “Everyday Leadership.” TED, Sept. 2010,
“How We Got Language.” Human Endeavors, the Starburst Committee, Accessed 5 Nov. 2018.
Miller, Stuart. Mayan Temples. Prentice, 1978.
Sayre, Henry. Discovering the Humanities. Third Edition. Pearson, 2016
Be sure to cite any source you use, whether it is the textbook or Wikipedia. You must cite in the assignment itself right when it is used and on a separate Works cited part.
Even definitions must be cited! Do not pass off someone else’s ideas as your own (refer to syllabus and the plagiarism policy). If you do use outside sources, you must both cite them in the paper right after they are used and in a separate, Works Cited page. You must also put words that are not your in own in quotations, and if you paraphrase, you must still cite the source. If you neglect to do any of this, your paper is considered to have been plagiarized and will receive zero points. If your paper is suspected of plagiarism, it will be sent to the Dean of Student’s office. You may not use an assignment that you have submitted in another class. Ignorance is not an excuse.
Sociocultural Understanding Assignment Grade Rubric
Student Name: _________________________________________________________
Turned in to Turnitin via Canvas (if not, no grade)_____________________
Turned in a paper copy to me in person (if not, no grade) ______________________
Addressed question over cultural understanding (10 points):____________________
Addressed question over societal groups (10 points): _________________________
Addressed question over social obligations (10 points): ______________________
Addressed question over positive changes (10 points): _____________________
Grammar, Organization, and Coherence (10 points): _____________
Points off for citation issue:__________________
Points off for lateness (either of paper copy, copy, or both) :_______________
Total Points (out of 50): ___________________
Extra Comments:

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