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PART 1-  4-5 pages APA
1. Identify a school and locate the curriculum to review.
2. Determine what elements of the curriculum you will examine.
3. Plan the visit and create an agenda for the day. What documents will you ask to see? Who will you ask to speak with and about what? What observations will you do?
4. Write a site visit plan and agenda following APA 6th format. Be sure to include the identified curriculum as an Appendix item (See pages 38-40 of your APA 6th Handbook).
Select one unit of the curriculum to review and create a detailed rubric for evaluating the curriculum using a curriculum evaluation model (examples: Tyler’s Objectives Model, Stake’s Countenance Model of Evaluation, Parlett & Hamilton Illuminative Model, Eisner’s Connoisseurship Model, the CIPP Evaluation Model, etc.)
There are times when a teacher uses instructions that are scripted and rigorously developed and times when instruction needs to be more open-ended and moderately defined. Quality teaching utilizes both the behavioral and the cognitive paradigms. Knowing when and where to use each is part of the art of teaching. Complete the following:
• Select a classroom, subject, and a population of students. Choose a subject’s subtopic for this unit (but not the same subtopic you used in previous units).
• Design a unit plan. Include descriptions of instructional strategies and how these strategies will help adapt instruction to individual learners.
• Describe how you would use more structured activities, including direct instruction, task analysis, and examination of prerequisite abilities.
• Describe how you would use more open-ended techniques such as brainstorming and exploratory activities.
• Remember to fully describe how each strategy helps customize individual learning and meet the needs of all students. In addition, describe how each strategy might reinforce or complement other strategies.
• Discuss the role of a caring and professional leadership approach to the implementation of the selected instructional strategies.
Include the following components in your APA paper:
• An introductory paragraph that describes the class and its setting
• Overall goals
• Curriculum objectives that use the audience, behavior, condition, and degree (ABCD) format and measurable Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs that align with Bloom’s Taxonomy
• A narrative on each strategy
• A detailed and formatted unit lesson plan
• An ongoing summative assessment and evaluation of student progress and student understanding

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