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Criteria for Content
1.     In the professional paper, present a Capstone topic area that was identified earlier during the specialty program or nursing-informatics-practicum experience. Briefly describe the topic/issue and how it currently impacts practice and the profession of nursing and the benefits of your recommendations.
2.     Write this in PICO format. (Complete paragraph/sentences not just a list – define acronym PICO)
3.     Conduct a bibliographic database search on the selected capstone topic
4.     Create an annotated bibliography (see example), citing both pros and cons to support topic, include a minimum of 10 scholarly citations related to thecapstone topic. The main concepts of each article should be summarized in two to three sentences. The author references listed before the annotated summary should be cited in APA format. Attach annotated bibliography as appendix to professional paper.
Preparing the Paper
1.     All aspects of the assignment must be completed
2.     Each citation must be current, relevant to topic, evidence-based and annotated. Here is an example of an annotation.
(Author reference – APA format)
Sipes, C., Hebda, T., McGonigle, D., Hunter, K., Hill, T., & West, K. (2016), Assessing and Promoting Nursing Informatics (NI) Competencies in the Chamberlain College of Nursing MSN Faculty, Journal Informatics Nursing,
(Annotated summary – importance/usefulness to topic) This article describes assessment of nursing informatics competencies in college faculty. It provides information regarding pros and cons of both what is currently used and lacking in faculty. Recommendations to fill needed gaps are provided in levels and competency skills by suggesting education modules.
3.     Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing; Ideas and information from current, scholarly sources must be cited correctly using the 6th edition of the APA manual. Paper should be 4-5 total pages in length including attaching the annotated bibliography as an appendix.

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