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 Infographic Assignment






It is anticipated that the initial discussion post should be in the range of 250-300 words. Response posts to peers have no minimum word requirement but must demonstrate topic knowledge and scholarly engagement with peers. Substantive content is imperative for all posts. All discussion prompt elements for the topic must be addressed. Please proofread your response carefully for grammar and spelling. Do not upload any attachments unless specified in the instructions. All posts should be supported by a minimum of one scholarly resource, ideally within the last 5 years. Journals and websites must be cited appropriately. Citations and references must adhere to APA format.

Classroom Participation

Students are expected to address the initial discussion question by Wednesday of each week. Participation in the discussion forum requires a minimum of three (3) substantive postings (this includes your initial post and posting to two peers) on three (3) different days. Substantive means that you add something new to the discussion supported with citation(s) and reference(s), you are not just agreeing. This is also a time to ask questions or offer information surrounding the topic addressed by your peers. Personal experience is appropriate for a substantive discussion, however should be correlated to the literature.

All discussion boards will be evaluated utilizing rubric criterion inclusive of content, analysis, collaboration, writing and APA. If you fail to post an initial discussion or initial discussion is late, you will not receive points for content and analysis, you may however post to your peers for partial credit following the guidelines above.

Initial Response


The student will identify a topic from the provided list OR choose an instructor-approved topic of their choosing related to maternity care. 


The student will develop a one-page education sheet that condenses the background and of the topic into an easy to read infographic.  The student should utilize visual aids and be as creative as the student chooses to be with design.  This infographic must be uploaded as a PDF and be shared with the class via a discussion post.  Additionally, the student must review and comment on at least 2 other student’s infographics.

Possible topics

· ethical, legal, cultural and/or nursing practice dilemma

· drug usage in pregnancy and breastfeeding

· refusal of care (for self or child in cases of emergency or impending death)

· cultural birth/breastfeeding practices (identify culture)

· maternal & infant morbidity/mortality

· reproductive justice

· state vs. federal laws in regard to abortion/adoption/surrogacy/assistive reproductive technology

· Evidence-based practice

· LGBTQIA+ discrimination/disparity/erasure in reproductive health care settings, aspects of LGBTQ pregnancy, impact of hormone replacement therapy on fertility, LGBTQ-specific competency and sensitivity training

· Specific health problem (heart condition, autoimmune disorder, thrombophilia, disability, pregnancies affected by genetic conditions incompatible with life, Preeclampsia, Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, RTIs)

· Epidural use, various alternative pain relief measures in labor

· Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

In addition:

· Choose an article that identifies a practice change or quality improvement project and research that recommended change

· If you have another topic you are passionate about not found on this list, please reach out to the faculty for approval.

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

Peer Response


Please read and respond to at least two of your peers' initial postings. You may want to consider the following questions in your responses to your peers:

Compare and contrast your initial posting with those of your peers.  How are they similar or how are they different?What information can you add that would help support the responses of your peers?Ask your peers a question for clarification about their post. What most interests you about their responses? 

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

All peer responses are due by Sunday at 11:59 pm CT.

Estimated time to complete:  1 hour

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