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Journal Report
5-7 pages essay dealing with “Principles of PR and its role in society”
•  Identify TYPE or FUNCTION of PR you find the most interesting
•  Why is it interesting to you?
•  This section 2-3 pages
•  Find an article from a scholarly PR journal (2010-present)
•  Article must deal with the specific Type or Function of PR you found interesting
•  Detail how and/or what significance the article added to the “Field of PR”
•  Detail how and /or what significance the article added to “Your specific focus”
•  Add your professional opinion/assessment of the article
•  Article helpful? In what way? If not, why not? Was the article well written? Would you recommend the article to other practitioners/academics? If so, why?      
•  This section 3-4 pages
•   TOTAL 5-7 pages
Remember you must turn in a photocopy of the journal article stapled to the back of your report.

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