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MN505 Epidemiology and Health Promotion
Unit 3 Seminar Quiz
Question 1 The US Preventive Task force establishes guidelines for:
Question options:
1) preventive screenings based on epidemiological studies
2) hypertension management
3) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
4) cancer screenings only
Question 2 A mammogram order for a 50 year old woman, who does not have any symptoms or breast complaints is an example of:
Question options:
1) primary prevention
2) secondary prevention
3) tertiary prevention
4) case management
Question 3Health Literacy is the:
Question options:
1) ability to understand the English language
2) ability to communicate health information via technology
3) capacity to read, comprehend and follow through on health information
4) capacity to understand medical jargon and communicate in a clinically diverse setting
Question 4 Theories, models and frameworks in health promotion:
Question options:
1)  help to guide health promotion program attendees in achieving the outcome goals.
2)  help to guide the development of health promotion programs and interventions.
3)  help by providing very specific details on program development for specific conditions and interventions
4)  help by providing financial tips and funding for program development and interventions
Question 5 Barriers to effective communication include:
Question options:
1)  transference and countertransference
2)  constructive confrontation
3)  silence
4)  focus on the individual

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