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MN556 Primary Care Across the Adult Age Continuum III
Unit 1 Discussion
DQ1 Diagnostic Exams
Who is ready to play detective? You are going to give clues and be detectives with diagnostic laboratory values. For your initial post you will post common assessment data that you may ascertain in the exam room and the abnormal results of a diagnostic exam(s) that relate to a specific disease but do not give away the specific disease. Your fellow students will then be the detectives to determine the diagnosis. After the diagnosis is determined (remember to go back and check if your classmates choose the correct diagnosis) your fellow students will discuss if the diagnostic exams were cost effective in diagnosing the disease and if any further exams need to be order.
DQ2 Introduction
Please take time to introduce yourself to your peers. Provide some information on your background in nursing, in what education track you are currently enrolled, and your future area of practice.

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