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MN556 Primary Care Across the Adult Age Continuum III
Unit 3 Quiz
Question 1                         
Palliative care is:
Question options:
providing a space to die
using a strong narcotic in patients who are at the end stage of life
prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification, impeccable assessment, and treatment
communicating well and praying together with family
Question 2
Principles of palliative care are:
Question options:
providing adequate analgesic , disease management, and place to die
psychosocial care, symptom control, and disease management
religious /spiritual support and psycho social care
disease management, intensive care, and symptom control
Question 3
The advanced practice nurse will best optimize patient outcomes after an initial diagnosis of cancer by:
Question options:
initiating a timely referral for treatment
devising a plan for treatment that includes a hospice referral
monitoring symptoms and treating accordingly
suggesting a psychological assessment
Question 4                         
Assessment of a palliative care patient’s spiritual or religious beliefs by the nurse practitioner should encompass which of the following?
Question options:
Screening for spiritual beliefs that may conflict with the palliative care nurse practitioners religious practices
Encouraging the patient to join a religious community if they do not already belong to one
Asking about spiritual customs or rituals around illness and death that are meaningful to the patient
Assessing spiritual or religious beliefs only if the patient volunteers information about religion and spirituality
Question 5                         
The key to effectively treating cancer pain is to:
Question options:
acknowledge its existence in a terminally ill patient
identify the underlying cause and treat accordingly
treat the pain aggressively from the beginning
educate the patient on non-pharmacologic means to keep the pain at a minimum

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