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MN556 Primary Care Across the Adult Age Continuum III
Unit 6 Quiz
Question 1                         
A 26 year old man presents with acute abdominal pain. As part of the evaluation for acute appendicitis, you order a white blood cell count (WBC) with differential and anticipate the following results:
Question options:
total WBC’s 4500 mm; neutrophils 35%; bands 2%; lymphocytes 45%
total WBC’s 14,000 mm; neutrophils 55%; bands 3%; lymphocytes 38%
total WBC’s 16,500 mm; neutrophils 66%; bands 8%; lymphocytes 22%
total WBC’s 18,100 mm; neutrophils 55%; bands 3%; lymphocytes 28%
Question 2                         
Intervention for patients with heatstroke includes:
Question options:
total body ice packing
fluid restriction
potassium supplementation
Question 3                         
A 38 year old woman with a long standing history of alcohol abuse presents with a 4-day history of a mid-abdominal ache that radiates through to her back, remains constant, and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Abdominal assessment reveals slightly hyperactive bowel sounds with rebound tenderness. Her skin is cool and moist with a blood pressure of 90/72 mm Hg, pulse rate of 120 bpm, and respiratory rate of 24/min. The most likely diagnosis is:
Question options:
gastric ulcer
acute pancreatitis
acute alcohol poisoning
viral hepatitis
Question 4          Your next best action in caring for the patient in the previous question is to:
Question options:
refer to the acute care hospital for admission
attempt office hydration after administration of an analgesic agent
initiate therapy with ranitidine (Zantac) and an antacid
obtain serum electrolytes
Question 5                         
The classic clinical triad of ectopic pregnancy includes all of the following except:
Question options:
abdominal pain
vaginal bleeding
large-for-gestational-age uterus
adnexal mass

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