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MN561 Advance Practice Nurse Clinical
 Unit 7 Quiz  
Question 1
The process by which practitioner collects, processes, and interprets patient information to develop an action plan includes all except:
a) gender and age
b) patient finances and religion
c) season of the year and location
d) ethnicity and time of year
Question 2
True or False: Intuition/gut feelings and biases and assumptions are the same.
                a) True
                b) False
Question 3
True or False: Example patient: The 21-year=old male with itchy legs had eczema.
                1) True
                2) False
Question 4
Use a reasoning strategy: Hypothetical- Deductive reasoning (deductive vs. inductive) to process the information in the clinical context. True or False: Hypothetical- Deductive Reasoning: works from specific to general.
Incorrect Response
                a) True
                b) False
Question 5
Select all that apply to history taking and data collection.
a) Have you taken an adequate history of the patient’s health condition and provided the patient with the opportunity to express his or her current health concerns?
b) If the patient is unable to provide a history (e.g., language barrier, capacity issue, etc.), have you consulted those who may be able to assist in obtaining the history?
c) Have you adequately assessed any relevant risk factors, including family history, which might help in diagnosis?
d) Are there any red flag symptoms?
e)  Have you determined what the patient has already done to manage his or her symptoms?

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