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The topic:

Describe methods governments have tried to regulate the Internet, and the difficulties they have experienced. Include in your discussion antitrust, taxation, and regulation of user-generated content. What are arguments for and against net neutrality? See my Twitter feed for recent decisions related to regulations.  

The requirements:

My expectation is that this assignment will be written in your own words and not a cut-and-paste or direct copy from some other source.  Do not use artificial intelligence tools or similar tools.  Because you will use the words of others, you must include citations and references, properly formatted (see “Academic Integrity and Reference List Instructions” in the Discussions area). Please do not use Wikipedia as a source.  Make sure your citations are in your paper in APA format.  Make sure your references are in APA format. 

The first page should be a title page that contains: “your name”, “ITEC 4205, and the date.

The overall format of the paper is as follows:

  • Cover all parts of the research question in your product.
  • The filename is as follows: Last Name First Name ITEC 4205 Writing Assignment.
  • Follow APA guidelines. 

The assignment is to be submitted in .pdf format or MSWord format.

Make sure to include references. Your paper should be original.  Do not use ChatGPT or other similar tools.  Make sure your paper is double-spaced, Times New Roman.  

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