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Assignment Description:
Prepare a 2-3page paper responding to the scenario below. The paper must be in APA format, and page length guidance applies to the body of the paper, excluding the cover sheet, abstract, and references. There is no penalty for submitting a response that is less than the page limit. The content of the response and its organization are much more important than the length of the response or the number of words.
You have been hired as consultants by Acme Health Systems (AHS), which is pursuing aggressive growth in the I-95 corridor in Maryland (for the purpose of this exercise, consisting of Cecil, Harford, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties, but excluding Baltimore City). AHS intends to create a fully integrated health network across throughout the region, in part by acquiring existing facilities and partially by building additional resources.
The Maryland I-95 corridor is a diverse region, representing both some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the nation and large ethnic populations, including African Americans, Hispanics, Koreans, and Somalis, many of whom are recent immigrants. The region is also among the fastest growing in population in the United States.
AHS has asked that you provide recommendations regarding the long-term care needs of the region. Using information available on-line, including census, HHS, and resources introduced during this course, prepare a report for AHS that details
Discuss the Long-Term Care market in Maryland. Is there a need for additional LTC capabilities? If so, what do you recommend, limiting your suggestion to assisted living facilities and home care.

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