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Human Resources Research Paper
MAN 4151
TOPIC: Human Resources in Today’s Environment
FORMAT: Word document (Follow standard FIU’s APA Protocol)
Minimum 5 pages – Maximum 10 pages
(cover page, reference and resources not a part of 5 pages).
Congratulations! You have been speaking so much about how senior management can impact culture, performance and engagement, that you have been promoted to drive the HR Function in your
organization. (CHRO, Head of People, HR Manager, Director of People and Organizational Performance,
Director of Talent and Organizational Effectiveness, you name the title… It is now yours).
Of course, being new to the role, you will need to understand the full scope of your new function and
learn about what are some of the best HR organizational practices today. This, in addition to your
current skills, should well position you to build a best in class HR function and a high performing
organization. I would expect nothing less of you (of course).
Your roadmap to success:
1. Research and identify the areas that comprise the various domains of today’s HR function?
(Example: In the Finance area you encounter various function such has general accounting,
budgeting, forecasting, etc.).
2. Explain the core purpose of each domain and how each domain should/can be leveraged to
align HR practices and drive/support achievement of organizational objectives?
3. Identify the type of HR/organizational initiatives you consider critical for you to effectively build
and drive strong employee engagement in today’s environment?
4. Identify some of the key issues emerging in our business environment and how are these are
expected to impact organizations and the workforce in the future?
5. Identify the type of initiatives you could implement to ensure your organization is proactive and
ready to address and/or leverage them (Ex.: competency development, job design, job
profile/fit, organizational structure, leadership practices, culture, engagement, talent acquisition
and other OB/HR/people practices).
As part of your research, you may want to reach out to your HR Director, or turn to a best in class
company to hear what the head of HR has to say and what type of advice they provide.
You may also want to research professional national organizations such as SHRM and review key
publishers in topics related to Human Resources Management, Human Capital, global HR trends,
workforce trends, etc. such as Willis Towers Watson, BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Mercer, McKinsey,
McKinsey Global Institute, AON Hewitt, Harvard Business Review, Deloitte and other HR
Make sure to cite/reference your sources.

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