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Managerial Information
1. The Ponsse put out the requirements for a new information system to improve the productivity in wood production and procurement chain as in the lecture slide 1.11. The requirements set by the Ponsse include:
1) Estimate the demand, 2) Create cutting plan, 3) Produce a map of logging area and working instructions, 4) Email, 5) GPS positioning, 6) 3D simulator training.   
a. From the provided requirements, what is the fundamental concept that is reflected in the Ponsse requirements? 
b. Where does each requirement from six Ponsse requirements above belong to the organization, management, or technology dimension?  Explain why the requirements you assigned should belong to one of three dimensions.
c. What requirements for the management dimension would you add to measure the performances of wood production and overall business operation? 
[Chapter 2 Global E-Business and Collaboration]
2. The Order Fulfillment Process, Figure 2-1, slide 2.6 of the lecture slides is an exemplary diagram for the business processes.  There are benefits to draw diagrams to dictate the order of the business processes and the responsibilities of the participating teams.  To make the diagram more useful for daily operation, what kind information can we add to the diagram?  (This kind of diagram can be fully implemented by computer software and can be used as an operational management tool.)  What would be the benefits by adding that additional information on the diagram?
Fulfilling a customer order involves a complex set of steps that requires the close coordination of the sales, accounting, and manufacturing functions.
[Chapter 4 Ethical and Social Issues]
3. As an employee, there are benefits and risks in using company computing resources for personal purposes such as pleasure, investment opportunity, personal interests, or family emergency.  The employee knows that visiting not-work related websites for pleasure is not right for the company, but it is rather hard to stay away from temptation. 
a. Analyze this situation to check if this is ethically correct by following the procedure below and select what you would do in this situation. 
• Identify facts –
• Define dilemma –
• Identify high order values –
• Stakeholders –
• Options –
• Consequences of options –
• Your selection on the issue –
b. If you need to use the company computing resource for a family emergency case, what would you do to avoid the troubles with your supervisor?  What would be appropriate supervisor’s guidance for the situation?
?[Chapter 5 IT Infrastructure]
4. A company needs to build a new Information System for more efficient business operation.  The company considers whether the development work should be contracted out to an external system builder or they should use in-house capabilities to build it.
a. If the company has determined to build a new Information System by in-house capabilities, what will be the justifications for the decision?
b. The biggest portion of the Total Cost of Ownership for an Information System is in the maintenance cycle.  The turnover rate of the IT staff is known to be very high.  What should be done to maintain the Information System without disruption when IT personnel are changed?

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