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Marketing Internal And External Environment
Suppose you are the owner of a successful bakery. Your bakery’s success depends on certain factors such as the quality of your products, their pricing, the location of the bakery, and the demand. Similarly, the success and failure of a company’s marketing program is influenced by both internal factors, which arise within the company, and external factors, which arise outside the company.
Based on your readings for this week:

Compose a 500-word response that depicts the internal and external marketing environments that affect your current or past employer.

Briefly describe the internal variables that influence your company’s marketing efforts. Rank each internal variable in the order of its impact, from the lowest to the highest. Also identify each variable as controllable or uncontrollable. Provide further detail and explanation, as needed.
Present the external variables that can influence your company’s marketing efforts. Provide additional notes, if necessary.

Present your response in a clean, professional format that is worthy of a department meeting at your company’s headquarters.

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