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Module 4: Performance Standards
Performance is determined by a combination of declarative knowledge,  procedural knowledge, and motivation. If any of the three determinants  of performance has a very small value, then performance will also have a  low level. All three determinants of performance must be present for  performance to reach satisfactory levels.
There are two important facets of performance; task and contextual.  Task performance refers to the specific activities required by one’s  job. Contextual performance refers to the activities required to be a  good “organizational citizen”.
Assume you are asked by the CEO to present an illustrative graphic or  infographic on performance standards to enhance organizational  performance.
Include in the illustration:

Explain and validate two steps you will take before creating performance standards to enhance organizational performance.
Establish two appropriate measures to evaluate the effectiveness of  those performance standards. Explain your rationale for these measures  and justify them with academic sources.
Create two performance standards to enhance organizational performance using the information you present above.
Predict the expected outcomes for these performance standards and justify your rationale with academic sources.
Visualize how the steps in the process are linked to organizational performance.

Include a title page, and a one-page summary of the infographic. A  minimum of three scholarly references should be included (do not include  blogs, Wikis, or anonymous sources, for example). Properly format your  paper utilizing APA guidelines and formatting

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