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I.  Introduction
 1.  Most people who play sports at a young age want to make that out of their career most times.
II.  Body
 1.  Some players get hurt within their first years of playing sports.
 1.  Injuries often happen in the youth stage that causes it to mess with the motor skills.
 2.  Contact sports can cause lots of injuries.
 2.  Playing sports can caused you to have depression and be aggressive all the time.
 1.  Studies show where athletes commonly become more aggressive during games and sometimes after due to a teammate lack of performance.
 2.  Sports Time Magazine.
 3.  When you play sports, you really don’t have time to do other things are hang out with family or friends because you’re always practicing or at a game.
 1.  Information from Eric one of my sources stated that when you’re playing sports you’re commonly on one path and that is strictly focus on the game.
 2.  Sports Wall Street Journal.
 4.  Playing sports can affect you in a harmful way as you get older.
 1.  Sports causes wear and tear on your body the more you play.
III.  Conclusion
 1.  Playing sports can be risky for health reasons.
Thesis statement
Playing sports can be risky because players get hurt, it causes you to be depressed, aggressive, and you don’t have time to be with your friends or family.

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