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Descriptive Statistics and Measures of Standing and Variation Worksheet MTH 160: Statistics
Version 1 09/13
Read the following scenario and complete each of the seven problems below: Suppose Professor Miller obtained the following results on the 1st Physics Test this semester:
1. Determine the mean, median, mode, and range for the grade distribution of the Physics Test. Mean: Median: Mode: Range: 2. Determine the 5-Number summary and make a box-and-whiskers plot for the data. Include the box-and-whiskers plot in your response.
3. What does the box-and-whiskers plot tell you about the shape of the distribution?
Version 1 7/1/13
4. If John was the student who made a 71 on the test, which percentile did John score in?
5. Based on the interquartile range (IQR), does Professor Miller’s data set have any outliers? If so, what is the outlier and why? Support your answer with your calculations.
6. Determine the variance and standard deviation of the data set.
7. Compare the mean and standard deviation of Professor Miller’s results on the 1st Physics test to that of Professor Williams’, assuming that Professor Williams’ test had a mean of 84 and a standard deviation of 5.6.
Version 1 7/1/13

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