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What is the name of the non-profit organization? Community Enrichment Center Where is it located? North Richland Hills Does the non-profit offer more than one location? If so, where are the other sites?

Who was your main point of contact and what is their position/role at the non-profit? Corey is the manger, and he is over all the volunteers as well as moving crates around warehouse. Describe the site location, facility or annex buildings. It’s a large building across from a church. Describe the interior of the facility. Well put together at the front of the building. In the back is a big warehouse type room kind of messy just with food items everywhere but still upkept. How does the non-profit organization market their services? Do they have a website? Through churches as well as on their website. What volunteer opportunities are available. Stocking and sorting through the pantry as well as bagging groceries. They also have long and short-term projects they host. Are there opportunities to make monetary donations or donate goods? Yes

Organization Purpose What is the non-profit’s mission statement? Changing lives by restoring hope and sharing God’s love How long has the non-profit existed? What is the history, if any, of the non-profit? Began in a closet at Richland Hills Church of Christ in 1975 What program(s) does the non-profit organization offer to families in the community? What additional resource(s) does the non-profit organization offer to families in thecommunity? Are there eligibility requirements to participate in the program(s) or receive the resource(s)? Does the non-profit organization partner with other community organizations or schools? Churches o If so, what does the partnership entail?Supporting Learning and Development How does this organization support a child’s learning and development?

Field Experience Guide TECA1303o Make connections between the organization’s program(s) and resources(s) and developmental domains. For example, if the organization offers art therapy, the child’s social and emotional domains would be positively affected. How does this organization empower families to support a child's learning and development? How does this organization support the overall well-being of families? Other than providing free GED classes also providing help in finding a job.—-Volunteer Experience What was your role during your volunteer experience? Stock shelfs with food and bag food items for families. What were your direct experiences working with families and children? I didn’t have any direct experiences at my time volunteering. What were your indirect experiences working for or with families and children?Reflection What additional services or resources could the non-profit organization offer that would benefit families in the community? Is the non-profit organization and services offered effectively marketed? How can you use the information learned as a result of your volunteer experience inyour role as an early childhood educator? What overall thoughts and feelings were you left with at the conclusion of your volunteer

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