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Question 1 An organelle that is responsible for metabolism of cellular energy is referred to which of the following cell structures?
Question 1 options:
 A)          Golgi complex
B)            Mitochondrion
C)            Endoplasmic reticulum
D)           Nucleolus
Question 2 Which of the following options is a chemical agent that causes cell injury?
Question 2 options:
A) Radiation
B) Hypoxia
C) Bacteria
D) Poison
Question 3 Breast changes of a girl in puberty or of a pregnant woman describe which type of cellular adaptation?
Question 3 options:
A)           Hypertrophy
B)            Dysplasia
C)            Hyperplasia
D)           Metaplasia
Question 4 An active process of programed cellular self-destruction (cell death) describes which of the following cell functions
Question 4 options:
Question 5 When extracellular fluid is hypotonic what is the resulting impact on the cell?
Question 5 options:
 A)          Cell swelling
 B)           No change in cell size
 C)           Cell shrinkage
 D)          Cell death

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