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NUR670: Week 5 Assignment Page 1


Assignment Title: ADDIE: Implementation and Evaluation

Assignment Overview: In this week’s assignment you will complete the evaluation phase of the

ADDIE instructional design model, review simulation/gaming tools for nursing education, and

complete your screencast project.

Deliverables: Assignments are due on or before Sunday at 12:00 Midnight of week 5. Submit your

simulation review to the Week 5 Assignment. Provide the link to your screencast in the textbox of the

same Week 5 assignment.

Assignment Details:

There are multiple parts to this assignment.

1. Complete week 5 of the Instructional Design Template, using the same document you submitted

for week 5. Update previous content as needed. Highlight changes in a new color so they can be

easily seen.

2. Research a virtual simulation/virtual learning program of your choice. Write a brief overview of the

product and add it to the Week 5 Wiki page on Blackboard. Including the following information:

• A summary of the tool

• The intended audience

• Cost (if available)

• How you might incorporate this into a classroom, blended, or online course.

3. Complete your screencast presentation. The final presentation should be a demonstration of your

Moodle Course.

• The presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes. Be sure to highlight each part of

the course. Narrate the presentation, highlighting the rationales for your instructional

design (not content) decisions.

• The presentation must walk the viewer through the course, explaining the format and

demonstrating its functionality. Do not give excessive detail. The ten minutes will go

probably go faster than expected.

• Use one of the screen casting programs highlighted in this week’s lesson or one of your

choosing. Screencast-O-Matic is recommended for ease of use. It is available as a free


• Add a link to the screencast in the text box of your Week 5 Assignment dropbox.

Grading: All components are graded in one rubric associated with the Lesson 5 Assignment. The

assignment components will be graded on content, organization, presentation, writing mechanics,

and correct APA formatting.

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