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NURS-4211 Role of the Nurse Leader
Week 1 Practicum Group Discussion
Identification of a Population in Your Community
As a community of practice your task for this week is to collaborate with professionals across the health care system and with your community of practice in the discussion in order to find a gap in care or social determinant that often results in poor health care outcomes. You will begin to take the lead in advocating for and collaborating with others to improve the health care outcomes for populations at risk.
NURS-4211 Role of the Nurse Leader
Week 2 Practicum Group Discussion
Epidemiology: Define Your Population and Selected Problem
This week, you will further refine your population and problem and compare your suspicions about this problem to local, state, and national data on the topic. Your practicum project should come into clear focus as you continue to analyze related health data, and you should consider how you, as the nurse, might help them avoid development of the problem in the first place (primary prevention measures).
NURS-4211 Role of the Nurse Leader
Week 3 Practicum Group Discussion
Population Cultural Considerations and Genetic Predispositions
This week, you will identify any genetic predisposition your chosen population has to a particular disease and develop primary practice interventions that reflect the cultural considerations of the population. Then, you will develop culturally appropriate, measureable interventions to help your population members maintain an optimal state of health, avoiding the problem that you identified them being at risk for developing.
NURS-4211 Role of the Nurse Leader
Week 4 Practicum Group Discussion
Evidence-Based Practice and Evaluation of the Project Through Measureable Goals
Dr. Marcia Stanhope (2016) explained that evidence-based public health practice refers to those decisions made by using the best available evidence, data and information systems and program frameworks; engaging community stakeholders in the decision-making process; evaluating the results; and then disseminating that information to those who can use the information.
NURS-4211 Role of the Nurse Leader
Week 5 Practicum Group Discussion
Present Your PowerPoint Presentation to Your Community Members
This week, you will be presenting your practicum project to community members, community professionals, or mentors to elicit their opinions about your project and to gather their suggestions for improvement, which you can then incorporate into the document before it is due by Day 3 of Week 6
NURS-4211 Role of the Nurse Leader
Week 6 Practicum Group Discussion
This week, you will present your PowerPoint presentation to the class incorporating the feedback you received from the presentation to community members in Week 5. The presentation is due in the discussions by Day 3 of Week 6. (Presentation also needs to be submitted to the Week 6 Assignment link.)

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