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Date: June 11, 2023

Assessment Completed by: Cashima Pondt

Peer Review of: Oksana Rossi


1. Open the Job Packet Assignment to be familiar with the assignment and criteria while responding to these questions.

2. Select a draft to review that has not already been reviewed or only has one review.

3. Enter your feedback in the "Job Packet Peer Review Form" and return it to your peer.

4. You must provide at least 2-3 sentences for each point in order to be eligible to receive full credit. Also, if a drafter does not address one of the points listed, you will need to state that the point is not addressed and make a recommendation of how the writer might work this important aspect of the assignment into their draft.

5. You may not simply copy the language from the peer review form in your responses, as this is not in the spirit of the assignment. Your peer review should go beyond confirmation of meeting the assignment to offer constructive feedback.

Peer Review Questions

1. The job application package is complete, containing one application letter and one tailored résumé. Each document is complete and contains all required elements as stated in the handout. Does the document contain both the application letter and résumé?

The job application is complete. There is a resume and application letter as required by the assignment. The resume is complete, containing information of experience, education, and certifications. The application letter is somewhat complete. Although all the required information is present, there is not a clear introduction and body, they are blended into one paragraph.

2. The letter and résumé are tailored to the specific job for which your peer is “applying” and include information relevant to that job. The information included makes clear why this person is qualified for the job. List the desired job and one possible qualification given.

I do not think the letter and resume is tailored to the job for which you are applying. You are applying for an RN job but both letter and resume only speak of scrub tech duties an experience. However, you may still qualify for the job as a new grad as you will be graduating as an RN this year as stated by your resume, assuming the position does not need to be filled immediately.

3. The résumé is clean and well organized. The use of space is uniform and well considered. Identify any inconsistencies in organization.

· The resume is mostly clean and well organized. However, there is a space before your date of graduation that probably wasn’t meant to be there. Also, you forgot to remove some formatting after your surgical technologist experience; Surgical Technologist, [Hospital Name], [City, State], [Years of Employment]. Also, there seems to be some spacing issues in your sentence at the third bulleted point under professional experience.

4. The font and type size are easy to read. Different levels of headings are used consistently to demarcate different levels and categories. List any inconsistencies in headings or categories used.

The font type and size are easy to read. All the major headings; Experience, Education, Certifications, etc. are all the same size and bolded. All the bulleted points and subheadings are consistent in font and size.

5. The description of job duties and responsibilities at each position include vivid, concrete, action verbs (in past tense if you no longer hold the position). List two examples of inconsistencies in verb tense, if applicable.

Each description of job duties is in the correct tense. All the verb tenses are correctly used as far as I can tell. They are all written in the past tense, which is correct since you no longer hold those positions. Although there is no date listed for when you worked, according to your application letter, I assume you no longer work there.

6. These verbs are in parallel structure. The style and tone are formal. Paragraphs utilize effective topic sentences. Does each sentence have a topic sentence? If not, copy/paste a sentence that could be the topic sentence.

The style and tone are formal. In the application letter and resume each sentence has a topic. The verbs are parallel in structure and are in the correct tense throughout the document.

7. The letter and résumé are each formatted correctly following the specified guidelines in the textbook and assignment instructions. The letter and résumé do not contain information that is prohibited in the assignment instructions. Identify two missing items in formatting, if applicable.

The application letter is lacking a body paragraph. The information is present, but the first paragraph can be divided in two to clearly show an intro and body. Also, the resume should not have an objective and refence section.

8. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct. If there are errors, point those out to your peer.

In the first paragraph of the application letter towards the end, after “Brooklyn’s diverse community”, there should be a comma. Under interest and activities, I think it should be “provides” instead of “providing”. All other grammar etc. seems to be correct.

9. Rate how well the paper aligns with the assignment guidelines: (minimal = does not meet assignment guidelines; medium = meets about 75% of the assignment guidelines; very high = meets 95% or above of the assignment guidelines)



Medium I am rating this a medium because you included things that should have been left out according to the assignment guidelines. Once those are corrected, you will have a great job packet.


Very high

10. Suggestions for meeting the assignment guidelines.

To meet assignment guidelines, as stated before, remove the objective and references portion. A second look is needed at the first paragraph of the letter. Also, find a way to gear your letter more towards a nursing job.

11. Write a final comment to your peer about two of the overall strengths and one overall weakness of the first draft.

Your paper is well written. Grammar and punctuations are 98% correct only with minor corrections needed. One weakness is meeting assignment guidelines and including things that should be left out.

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