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Scholarly Paper #3: Personal Leadership Profile
The 3rd module of the course began with an examination of team values and then turned its attention to the maximizing team effectiveness by way of leadership practices and specifically, those found to promote organizational success.
Scholarly Paper #3 serves as the capstone to your exploration and application of leadership theory to better those who you lead (org & team), but does this by way of examining how to be better yourself – further extending our discussion on reflective leadership, and applying it in real time.____________________________________________________________________________________________
From the beginning of the course, we built a foundation of the “BIG THREE” leadership styles (transactional, transformational, and servant). We then analyzed the most appropirate application of these approaches according to situational demands. According to the setting, organizational goals, follower needs and competency, and your personal aspirations, transactional, transformational, and/or servant leadership practices have emerged to be equally indispensible; each may be crafted to respond to a specific constellation of factors and maneuver you and your team around, over, and through obstacles and challenges.
It is critical that you understand the necessity to apply the BIG THREE with discrimination and skill. For this final written assignment for the course, you are asked to create a Leadership Profile addressing Who You Are As A Leader. Attached, you will find two self-assessment leadership style surveys (one for TACT and TFL, and one for SERV). You should complete each of these privately and use your responses to inform your response to the Profile assignment.
Successful responses to this final paper will be relevant to your future as a leader, both personally and professionally. Through this assignment, the hope is that you learn a bit more about yourself and key characteristics of your current leadership tendencies, preferences, and actual behaviors you utilize under the various Big Three theories. You may write in first person where appropriate and your task is to address the following areas to explain who you are as a leader:
a.)   Examine and present an analysis of the results from your self-completion of the MLQ and SERVANT instruments (keying in on perhaps a few specific items/practices most significant to you);
b.)   Based on your results and strengths, imagine what your leadership legacy would be without further growth; and
c.)   Based on your results and weaknesses, identify ONE key area for development/improve in order to improve your legacy.
It should be written in current APA style utilizing the provided APA submission Word.doc Template—Specific for Paper Three—for completion. However, again, you are encouraged to write freely, candidly, openly, and from the first person.
You should utilize the “level III newspaper-headline style headings” at the beginning of paragraphs with new topics (see template). Your textbooks from MHSA6185 and MHSA6186 will likely suffice for scholarly support, along with the Bass and Avolio (2004) (TFL/TACT) and Page and Wong (2003) (SERV) leadership style survey documents attached, although you are welcome to integrate additional scholarly material if desired.
References: Bass, B. M., & Avolio, B. J. (2004). Multifactor leadership questionnaire manual and sampler set (3rd ed.). Menlo Park, CA: Mind Garden.Wong, P. T. P., & Page, D. (2003). Servant leadership profile – revised: SLP-R. Retrieved from

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