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Political Parties, Political Participation, Campaigns And Elections Multimedia Presentation
Imagine that you’ve applied for an internship with your local Senator but there are many other people competing for the position. In order to determine the best person for the job, the Senator wants to determine how much each potential intern knows about the U.S. electoral system.
Create a 12-15 (content) slide presentation to illustrate your knowledge about the U.S. electorate, campaigns, and political parties. Your presentation must include the following:

The purpose and functions of political parties in the United States
The various ways U.S. citizens can participate in the campaign and election process
The function and purpose of caucuses and primary elections in political campaigns, particularly in the presidential election process
The role the national political party conventions play in the presidential election process
The presidential general election campaign process, and the important factors and events that influence it
The role the media (TV, radio, internet, social media) plays in modern political campaigns
The role and influence of money in the modern political campaign

Include photos, illustrations, videos, or audio clips, as appropriate. Document the source of each media item you include in your presentation.
Include citations for all unoriginal ideas, facts, or definitions in an APA-formatted reference list. Your final reference slide(s) should contain at least three resources. 
Note: A content slide does not include the presentation’s title slide and any slide(s) containing references.  There should be 12-15 content slides, a title slide, and whatever reference slides are necessary. 
Online campus students: Provide detailed speaker notes for each content slide in the presentation file. 
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