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Portfolio Management And Strategic Management Concepts And Organization Paper
 Write a 1,200-word paper (remember for all assignments in the course word count only counts for the paper body content; not the intro/closing paragraphs or words used in tables/charts/etc) in which you:
Explain how strategic portfolio management relates to project management.
Explain the difference between project-based and non-project-based organizations.
Discuss how communication differs for a project manager in a project-based organization versus a non-project-based organization.
Discuss two challenges that a project manager might face in a non-project-based organization.
Discuss How would you overcome the challenges that you identified.
Please note…there are 5 Main items to address these should correlate to 5 sections in the paper body. 
As with all your assignments in the course Make sure you use section headers (section headers are not a sentence nor are they just a repeat of the questions; so an example for a section header might be “”Non-Project-Based Organization Challenges”.); remember to have an intro paragraph and closing paragraph as well.

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