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BUS505 Organizational Creativity, Discovery and Innovation
Unit 1 Discussion
Class discussions are where we bring together the information we’re studying and learn from one another.  Discussions are especially critical in this course because of the subjects we’re studying, and because in the near future you’ll be creating and working in a team environment.
Be active, be creative, be YOU in the Discussions.    Keep the following questions in mind as you work through this week’s material.
Introductions:  Introduce yourself to the class.  Tell us about your work and your professional background.  Feel free to include information on your personal life, family life, etc. as you see fit.  Most importantly, include at least one endeavor you are involved in that requires you to be creative.  You can also post a photo or a video if you want to.
Goals:  Share your goals for the Program in general and for this specific course.  Try to make your goals as specific as possible. Use and established goal writing technique that will make your goal more powerful and measurable such as a variation of the SMART mnemonic.
Critical Thinking:  A Graduate program requires a great deal of critical thinking. When we  are answering discussion questions, writing a paper, or performing any variety of assignments it is important that we incorporate critical thinking into our work.   Discuss what critical thinking means to you and how you believe it can be demonstrated.  Include research and include links to relevant content on the topic.

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