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BUS505 Organizational Creativity, Discovery and Innovation
Unit 2 Critical Thinking Assignment Part 1
This assignment is a 2 part assignment. Part 1 will be due this week (week 2), Part 2 will be due next week (week 3).
Overview: You will select an article on creativity/innovation that expresses a point of view. (the myths of creativity articles in this week’s unit are examples). You will ultimately write a 4 page paper on the article that incorporates the double loop analysis. We would expect your paper to have an introduction, information on the article, your point of view, back up for your point of view, the opposing point of view with back up, and ultimately a conclusion.
Part 1 – to make sure you are on the right track we ask that in week 2 you submit a one page paper that describes the article and explains what point of view you will be taking and why. Please see the rubric for specific requirements for this paper. Keep in mind that a page of text for an assignment does not include the cover page or the reference page.
Part 2 – Once you finish the 1 page summary and feel confident you can continue on to complete the 4 page paper. The summary can be a part of the paper, but be sure to incorporate any comments from your professor. Again, please see the rubric for specific requirements for the paper. (The rubric is in unit 3)

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