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BUS505 Organizational Creativity, Discovery and Innovation
Unit 2 Discussion
Consider these Discussion Board questions as you complete assignments this week.
(1)  Intersections.  A key concept in The Medici Effect is the idea of intersections.  This concept seems simple and common, but it isn’t as common as we may think.  He is not presenting intersections within fields, but rather intersections that occur when we cross fields and domains.  Have you experienced intersections?  If you have, give us an example and describe it.  How did it work?  What did it produce?
If you have not experienced an intersection, search for examples of intersections.  There are many in the press and in popular literature on exciting growing businesses.  Be careful though.  It is easy to simply site an innovation or innovative product or service.  You need to provide more information on the actual intersection.  Discuss.
(2)   Creative Teams  What are some of the characteristics of creative and innovative teams?  Discuss them.  What are the management issues you see with creating environments that foster creativity for new value generation?

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