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BUS505 Organizational Creativity, Discovery and Innovation
Unit 3  Discussion
Our discussion questions focus on leadership.  Consider and respond to these questions on our discussion board.
Psycological Traits of Creative Leaders.  Based upon this week’s readings and your experience, what are some of the traits of creative people?  (you don’t have to list all of them – allow others to come up with answers) Discuss whether each one is in someone’s nature or whether it is nurtured (or can be nurtured)? Explain your answer and discuss with others in the .
Affect – Creativity Leaders.  In “Emotion and Creativity at Work”, Dr. Amabile discusses her team’s research into the affect-creativity relationship in the workplace.  She presents a model called the Organizational Affect-Creativity Cycle.  Discuss the following.  Can a manager/leader encourage change through her behavior, the behavior of others in the organization, or through structural or cultural changes in the environment at work to positively impact creativity and individual behavior towards organizational goals?  If so, in what concrete ways can this be done?  If not, explain.  Be sure to provide support and reasoning for your answers.
Double Loop Learning
What have you leaned about the idea of Double Loop Analysis?   Share thoughts and insights.   Remember, this is an important part of the Critical Thinking Assignment.

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