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BUS505 Organizational Creativity, Discovery and Innovation
Unit 8  Discussion
Future Thinking
Throughout this course we have learned about a variety of tools and techniques, we’ve learned about the power of innovation and creativity in organizations, and the impact of a manager on his/her people. All of this has been based upon research done in the present and the past.
Now let’s take a moment to look forward. What changes do you see with organizations when it comes to innovation and creativity? Will organizations embrace innovation or revert to production? Should they – and will it be done the same as now or in a different way? Where are we going when it comes to being an innovative society?
… and two final questions …
Lessons Learned:  Please share with us your best learning from the course?  Why did you pick it?
Burning Questions:  Please share the questions that remain for you at the end of the course.  What’s next?
p.s..  Just for fun.  Identify the person in this picture.

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