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  1. This assignment will focus on culturally responsive pedagogy. The student will write a plan, and in doing so, should assume the role of an Instructional Coach/leader whose goal is to work with a group of teachers in an effort to improve students learning. The plan should include a description of the schools demography, an analysis of the need for change, and a proposed plan for implementation. This should include a form of pre-assessment, change, and a measure of post-assessment of the initiative. Thus, the plan should be grounded in the literature, should range between 7-10 pages, and should be written based on APA guidelines. The student should identify an assessment tool or a model to aid the plan, as well as a graphical representation to illustrate the plan.

    A well-developed plan is evidenced by the degree to which the student as an instructional coach/leader could identify current practices at the classroom level that impede student learning, followed by a plan for change, and a plan to assess the effectiveness of the change, using scholarly evidence.          

    Some suggested topics are appealing to students intellectually, socially, and emotionally, using cultural referents to induce learning, develop skills, and attitudes, as well as issues of student engagement, fostering inclusion by encouraging various ways of knowing (multiple intelligence), etc.

    The key components of the plan should include:

    1. A description of the schools demographics
    2. ChangeIdentify a need for change and provide an articulation of the change
    3. Identify a change model (an example is illustrated in figure 1).
    4. Develop an implementation plan for the change
    5. Address resistance to change
    6. Assess the effectiveness (This is based on the degree to which the plan moves classroom instruction towards culturally responsive pedagogy to increase student learning).
    7. Describe your plan for ongoing development.
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