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Question 1 3 pts
(TCO 2) Almost always listed as important for leadership success is/are ____.
Basic intelligence
Clear and strong values
High level of personal energy
All of the above
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Question 2 3 pts
(TCO 2) Qualities belonging potentially to everyone, but possessed more fully by leaders, include all of the following except ____.
Vision and enthusiasm
Stability and concern for others
Self-confidence and persistence
Vitality and integrity
Hearing and size
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Question 3 3 pts
(TCO 2) Concern for others requires _____ and ____, and the result is ____, which is the foundation of ____.
Experience and fortitude; learning; survival
Patience and listening; trust; loyalty
Discussion and contemplation; education; expression
Time and place; emotion; community
None of the above
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Question 4 3 pts
(TCO 2) The most important quality of leadership is ____, including _____ and ____.
Knowledge; on-the-job learning and formal education
Motivation; desire and effort
Integrity; honesty and courage
Decisiveness; information finding and willingness to take orders
None of the above
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Question 5 3 pts
(TCO 2) Characteristics of followers that influence the leadership process are _____ and ____.
Race and gender
Respect for authority and interpersonal trust
Past mistakes and future plans
Abstract reasoning and concrete experience
None of the above
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Question 6 3 pts
(TCO 2) Different kinds of intelligence include all of the following except:
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Question 7 3 pts
(TCO 2) Over time, the shift in emphasis for business success has been from _____ to ____.
Communities to systems
Command and control to relationship management
Innovation to hierarchy
Team building to skill building
None of the above
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Question 8 3 pts
(TCO 2) Successful leaders today must master challenges such as _____ and ____, as well as traditional duties such as _____ and ____.
Purchasing and inventory control; staffing and accounting
Advertising and sales; engineering and production
Office politics and re-engineering; work design and wage administration
Giving orders and quality control; public speaking and report writing
Developing people and doing the right things; organizing work and implementing plans
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Question 9 3 pts
(TCO 2) A transformational leader does all but which of the following:
Develops a vision that is compelling to followers
Articulates a strategy for bringing vision to life
Builds momentum by recognizing progress
Demonstrates character by setting an example
Takes credit for the accomplishments of others
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Question 10 3 pts
(TCO 2) Situational factors that influence the leadership process include:
Size of the organization
Social and psychological climate
Employment patterns
Type, place, purpose of work performed
All of the above
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Question 11 3 pts
(TCO 5) The leadership philosophy behind quality improvement efforts is both ____, based on ____, and ____, concerned with ____.
Technical; information systems; and strategic; business ethics
Hard; scientific management, and soft; human side of work
Masculine; support; feminine; power
Current; empirical data; historic; social influence
None of the above
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Question 12 3 pts
(TCO 2) All of the following are important qualities of leadership except:
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Question 13 3 pts
(TCO 2) All of the following are factors that influence the nature of the situation or the context of leadership except:
Type of work performed
Size of organization
Social climate
Employee wages
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Question 14 3 pts
(TCO 3) Gandhi, the Indian spiritual and political leader, believed that effective leaders ____, not ____.
Point the way; show by example
Command respect; earn respect
Lead the elite; lead the masses
Are served by followers; serve followers
Guide and inspire; command and control
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Question 15 3 pts
(TCO 3) Employee participation has been shown to have a _____ impact on business success.
None of the above
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Question 16 3 pts
(TCO 5) Deming worked with the _____ and helped to rebuild their economy.
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Question 17 3 pts
(TCO 3) Good ways to be a servant leader include:
Get out of the executive suite and onto the floor
Get out of the headquarters and into the field
Get out of the ivory tower and into the real world
All of the above
None of the above
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Question 18 3 pts
(TCO 3) Through _____ and ____, the older community passes on ethics to young people.
Modeling and socialization
Command and control
Self-study and self-leadership
Rules and regulations
Preaching and teaching
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Question 19 3 pts
(TCO 5) An employee concerned primarily with the seniority system, insurance plan, and retirement policy is motivated by:
Physical needs
Social esteem needs
Affiliation needs
Security needs
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Question 20 3 pts
(TCO 5) Maslow identified all of the following as characteristics of a self-actualized person except:
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Question 21 3 pts
(TCO 5) The highest need possible is:
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Question 22 3 pts
(TCO 3) In the years since World War II, the American workplace has become more:
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Question 23 3 pts
(TCO 5) After survival, security, and belonging needs are satisfied, people are motivated by the need for:
None of the above
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Question 24 3 pts
(TCO 5) The _____ motivational level is closely related to the nature of the work and depends on aspects of the job itself for satisfaction.
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Question 25 3 pts
(TCO 1) A leader’s ability to _____ and _____ is essential for leadership success.
Understand people, deal with them effectively
Understand finance, keep technically proficient
Manipulate others, retain personal power
Live a balanced life, support the arts
None of the above
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Question 26 3 pts
(TCO 5) Jeffrey Pfeffer shows that _____ correlates positively with motivation, and identifies _____ practices that successful companies share.
Profit; seven
Safety; three
Enthusiasm; 10
All of the above
None of the above
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Question 27 3 pts
(TCO 5) Proven policies and techniques that have positive effects on employee morale include all of the following except:
Introduce a group bonus plan
Increase the amount and types of group interaction
Assign whole tasks, including preparatory and finishing work
Eliminate rewards based on job classification
Reduce the number of hierarchical levels
Allow workers to determine their own work methods
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Question 28 3 pts
(TCO 5) _____ is the author of The Human Side of Enterprise.
Abraham Maslow
Douglas McGregor
Kurt Lewin
Ken Blanchard
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Question 29 3 pts
(TCO 5) A continuum of empowerment, least to most, is as follows:
Scientific management, industrial democracy, human relations training
Kibbutzim, job enrichment, collective bargaining
Suggestion box, quality circles, self-directed work teams
Quality improvement teams, safety meetings, labor/management codetermination
None of be above
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Question 30 3 pts
(TCO 5) The effective leader gives attention to:
Super stars
Fallen stars
Middle stars
All of the above
The team, not individuals

CO 5)
(1) Describe and explain, in your own words, the five principles of an empowered workplace as given by Robert Cole.
(2) Explain how one-way communication can affect employees’ morale and productivity.
(TCO 1,4) Understanding why people do what they do is the basis for leading and managing people.
(1) Using Jeffrey Pfeffer’s nine points about motivation from our book, please explain how employee motivation and company success are related. (7 points)
(2) Explain how unsatisfied needs can be harmful to an individual and give an example from your own experience. (8 points)
(3) Describe five ways a leader might motivate employees. (5 points)

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