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Using JASP or Excel you will run an one-way ANOVA analysis.


  • Descriptive statistics tables for all variables you are investigating (share measure of center, spread, skewness, kurtosis)

Post the following evidence, from your investigation,  according to the first letter of your LAST Name (DO NOT INTERPRET)

If you are running One-Way ANOVA

  • Histogram for dependent variable (A- D)
  • Post the table containing the p-value (E – H)
  • Evidences of a normality check (I -M)
  • Evidences of homogeneity of variances check (N-P)
  • Post hoc output table (ANOVA) (Q -S)
  • Effect size (ANOVA) (T – Z)

In you are running a simple regression

  • Scatter plot of explanatory vs response variable (T – Z)
  • Residual vs predicted plot (O – S)
  • Post the key output table statistics (R and R squared) ((K – N)
  • Post table containing the p-value from ANOVA table (G – J)
  • Post table containing the p-value from coefficient table (D – F)
  • Evidence of a normality check (residuals histogram) ( A – C)
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