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Respond to your classmates’ postings by asking probing questions to your peers in the responses about the major challenges and solutions proposed. A minimum of 200 words


There have always been stigmas surrounding mental health disorders. The biggest contributor to these stigmas is the lack of education about mental illness and the refusal of some to accept new information about mental illnesses. Those who have mental illness go through disparities in education, health care, and employment outcomes, and the disparities are caused by the stigmas associated with mental illness (Cummings, Lucas, & Druss, 2013). Stigmas are felt by more than just individuals with mental illnesses. Stigma can be experienced and exhibited by families, societies, communities, and individuals (Hinshaw, 2009).

Recent national legislation and/or policy efforts have helped by providing expanded overtime protections for individuals with mental illnesses and differential protections for separate subgroups (Cummings, Lucas, & Druss, 2013). To reduce these stigmas in the future, age-appropriate mental illness education could be added to school curriculums. Maybe if we teach children early, their generation will be more accepting. As a human service worker, staying up to date with available resources, staying in touch with those providing the resources, and staying in contact with clients will ensure that those who need such services will have access to them. Unique needs needed by clients could include intervention, special communication, home visits, and more.


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change. Oxford University Press.

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