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RHS 420
Hospitality Company Research Paper
Research the hospitality company you selected for this assignment and compose a 750-word paper responding to the following questions in detail. Note that the hospitality company you select for this assignment cannot be the same as the restaurant you selected for your Marketing Plan Assignment. The questions must be answered in complete paragraphs (essay form). Do not number your answers. Address the following points:
1. Discuss the company name.
a. Why is the company named that name? Give a bit of history.
b. What does the name represent from a marketing perspective?
2. Who is the parent company and what other brands do they own and operate, if any?
3. Who is the target market(s) of the company? (Hint – not “everyone” is the target market.)
a. Give the demographics of the people that would buy from this company (age, religion, education level, national origin, etc.)
b. Give the psychographics of the people that would buy from this company (lifestyles, personalities, etc.)
4. What products and services does the company sell? Be specific and list them.
5. Describe the price(s) of the products/services offered. Be specific in your examples.
6. Discuss the location strategies of the company.
a. Where is the company headquarters located?
b. Describe the location(s) where the company builds and operates?
c. In which cities/states/countries can you find this company?
7. What is the current positioning statement (slogan) or jingle for this company?
8. What character, mascot, celebrity, or logo is used by the company for marketing?
9. What is the current marketing campaign that the company is advertising on a local, regional or national level? (What are they advertising this month?)
10. Discuss the advertising the company uses. Give specific examples of each.
a. What types of print? (flyers, coupons, billboards, brochures, etc)
b. What types of broadcasting? (radio, TV commercials, etc)
c. List the types of social media used. Discuss what is displayed on their social media.
11. Look up your company on one of the travel rating/review sites (Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.) and discuss the ratings and comments/experiences posted by two guests . You may have to look up a local store to get an example.
12. Name at least one review site you researched and the overall rating. List at least two comments . You may have to fix the grammar and spelling or put the comments in quotes.
13. Select a 30-second commercial for your company. You may search or your company’s website to locate a commercial. (In the other part of this assignment, you will prepare a video presentation of this commercial to share with the class.)
In the body of your paper, answer the following questions about the commercial.
a. What is the product(s)/service(s) shown in the commercial?
b. What message, benefit, or promise does it make?
c. What is the target market of this particular commercial?
d. Is the commercial effective from your perspective?
e. Would you buy what they are selling?
14. Give your overall opinion of the company and its products/services. State whether you fall into their target market and are a customer.

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