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Rhythm of Life Paper – suggested 3 to 4 page limitThis assignment is a culmination of your reflective work, spiritual practices, journaling, readingand vocation. You will write a 3 to 4 page double spaced paper on how you will create guardrailsfor yourself to ensure you are caring for yourself and hopefully avoid burnout.You will need to include concepts from the reading assignments, spiritual practices that aremeaningful to you and speak to your soul.This paper should include the information below Introductiono identify the focus of your Rhythm of Life paper identify theories or course material that will help you set up practices tofeed your body, mind and soul. introduce the main practices you intend to carry forward with you and why Bodyo The body of your paper should relate the body to practice(s) and/or theme(s) youidentified in your introduction.o Each theme may account for one or more paragraphs in your body. For eachtheme, you should: identify the theme answer the following questions: What did I learn and how did this practice speak to me? How will I create space in my life for these practices and how willmy future activities like education, family life or job be improvedin light of the incorporating these into my life?o You can share a personal experience (or several) that support the theme(s) Conclusiono As you conclude your reflection: review the importance of your experiences within the context of learning restate how you will move forward from this specific experience suggest additional opportunities for future personal growth in the spiritualdisciplin

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