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Journal Entry 2

Shabnam Mashinchi

Journal entry 2


The visit to Arlington Gardens was an interesting experience for me. It gave me a much-needed break from classwork and allowed me to refresh my body and mind. During this visit, what tugged at my heart was the practice of writing wishes on pieces of paper and hanging them using pieces of strings on trees. Upon arrival at the garden, we saw that there were a lot of trees from which tiny cards hung, cards where people had written their wishes. We also got to do the same. This practice tugged at my heart because it made me realize how much people believe in the power of nature.

I enjoy being outdoors in nature. I feel that it gives me an opportunity to practice self-care. With all the classwork and busy schedules, I believe that spending time in nature is a good escape. During the visit to the garden, I found a corner where I just sat under the tree shade and enjoyed the fresh smell of the green plants and the melodious songs of the birds. This was a priceless experience because we did not enjoy such serenity every day. The calmness of the garden allowed me to reflect on my life, and I left the place feeling much better.

One of the most important lessons I learned and that I will add to my routine is the importance of caring for the environment. I learned that it is beneficial to plant a tree whenever one can. We enjoyed avocados and grapefruits from our instructor, and I realized that this happened because someone planted a tree someday. I was able to enjoy the shade and cool breeze because someone had planted a tree. Henceforth, I will make more effort to care for the environment.


Seeing so many people gathered here today to say goodbye to our sister and friend shows how much she was loved and what a gap she has left in our lives. Today we are honoring, remembering, and celebrating Shabnam Mashinchi.

The late Shabnam was born in 1990 in the city of Tehran, Iran, where she lived until 2016, when she immigrated to the United States. She had two close friends who were the same as family members: Nooshin and Zorik. She was nicknamed Shabi, a name those close to her loved to use so much that one would think it was her real name.

Shabi was a dedicated wife to Amir and a loving mother to their dog, Candy. The two lovebirds met in Iran and had a long-distance relationship for six years. Later, Amir joined his love in the United States, and the two officiated their relationship by getting married in 2024.

She was a woman of grace and courage and was stubborn when she set her mind on something. This stubbornness is reflected in the way she strived to become the perfect nurse. She always dreamt of opening a nursing home, and although she did not live long enough to realize this dream, she played her part in inspiring others who would make her dream come true one day.

Shabi was sociable and very approachable. Her contagious smile always lit up a room whenever she walked into one. She cared for all and was a rock of stability and strength for most of her friends and family. She will be remembered as a friend who always put a smile on people's faces whenever times were difficult. People close to her knew that they could always count on her for help.

She always found a balance between work and family, and although she worked for long hours, she always made time for family dinners. Shabi was an excellent cook, and everyone who got to taste her cooking complimented it. She had magical hands and would put love and kindness into everything she did in the kitchen. Whether she was baking or preparing cultural cuisines, she would give her all, and the results were always great.

She was a fun-loving person, and one of her hobbies was traveling. When she was not working, she traveled to different parts of the world, such as Africa, Asia, and Australia. While traveling the world, she was a collector and had a huge collection of souvenirs from each country she had been to. She also loved to learn the cultures of the countries she visited, especially their languages and food. Shabi loved dancing and going out with friends. She loved to shop for clothes with her friends. She played the musical instrument oud perfectly in gatherings with friends. She was also great at mosaic painting and has done several of them.

Despite the challenges, Shabi always looked outside of herself, and it is for this selflessness that she will be remembered as a pillar in the community.

Favorite poem

khonak an dam ke neshinim dar eyvan, man o to

be do naghsho be do soorat, be yeki jan, man o to

khosh o faregh ze khorafat-e-parishan, man o to

man o to, bi man o to, jam' shavim az sar-e-zogh


the pleasant moment of sitting in front of the door, me and you.

with two figures, two faces, and one life, me and you.

joyful and careless, free from distracting myths, me and you.

me and you, without us (ego), gather because of virtu (love).

For the tombstone:

Shabnam Mashinchi


You followed dreams, stars, and ships.

Your love will light our way.

Until we meet again.

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