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Midterm Paper
“Good policy analysis almost always begins with a solid description and historical analysis, always is based on the best empirical data available, and then proceeds to focus on logic, efficiency, effectiveness and ethics. In addition, good policy analysis is often comparative.” Textbook pg. 53
For this assignment you will be conducting a detailed policy analysis in the area of social need where you intend to practice, e.g. mental health, substance abuse, poverty, discrimination, child welfare, etc.
1. Please identify one social policy or social welfare policy (on the federal or/and state level) that was implemented in order to deal with a social problem in the United States and discuss with professor.
2. After identifying a policy, answer the following questions in outline format:
i. Introduction
1. What is the nature of the social problem being targeted by the policy?
2. What is the specific policy to be analyzed and how is it defined? (Brief overview)
ii. Choice analysis (i.e. What is the design of one program created by the policy?)
1. What are the bases of allocation?
2. What are the types of social provisions?
3. What are the strategies for delivery of benefits?
4. What are the methods of financing these provisions?
iii. Historical Analysis
1. What policies and programs were previously developed to deal with the problem? In other words, how has this problem been dealt with in the past?
2. What does history tell us about effective/ineffective approaches to the problem being addressed?
3. How has your specific policy/program under analysis developed over time?
4. To what extent does the current policy/program incorporate the lessons of history?
iv. Social Analysis
1. Problem description
a. Describe the population(s) affected by the problem?
i. Size of population
ii. Defining characteristics- Geographic location- urban, rural or suburb. Gender, race, socioeconomic status, and education.
iii. Describe the impact of the specific social problem on the overall population.
2. Discuss one theory of human behavior that explains the population, intervention or goals of your chosen policy?
a. Here are examples of human behavior theories:
3. What are the major social values related to the problem and what value conflicts exist?
4. What are the manifest (stated) goals of the policy under analysis?
5. What are the latent (unstated) goals of the policy under analysis?
v. Comparative Analysis
1. How has another country addressed this problem through policy?
2. Are their any policy measures the US should consider implementing that are offered abroad?
vi. Economic Analysis
1. What are the effects or potential effects of the policy on the functioning of the overall economy? (Income, inflation, unemployment- Macroeconomic analysis)
2. Discuss the efficiency (cost) & effectiveness (success) of this policy.
vii. Political Analysis
1. Who are the major stakeholders regarding this particular policy/program?
a. Which are in the power base of the policy/program supporters?
b. Which are in the power base of the policy/programs opponents?
2. How well are the policy/program’s intended beneficiaries represented in the ongoing development and implementation of the policy/program?
viii. Conclusion
1. Reflect on yourself as a practitioner of social work and applicability of your chosen policy related to social work values, specific social work skills, and knowledge of theory. What have you learned about policy analysis and your specific policy that you will take forward with you as you continue your education and career?
Please utilize the APA style in formatting: Include citations throughout your paper and a reference page.
Reference sources of information appropriately – this paper will require a certain amount of research, use a minimum of 7 references. Those include: Journal articles, text books, well sourced publications, government websites, and schools of research.
Make sure that the paper is organized with subheadings – corresponding to the items on the midterm outline. Please write in complete sentences and use quotations for direct quotes, no more than one direct quote per paragraph. Proofread your paper thoroughly.

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