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American History after 1865
Week 6 Quiz
Question 1 All of the following is true about young conservatives in the late 1950s under the leadership of William F. Buckley, EXCEPT
Question 2 The activism of the 1960s ran into roadblocks in the 1970s, which included all of the following, EXCEPT
Question 3 Passed in 1972, Title IX is important because
Question 4 The Cuban Missile Crisis
Question 5 Nixon is often called an accidental liberal because
Question 6 Reagan’s supply-side economics program focused first on
Question 7 Reagan won reelection handily in 1984, in large part because
Question 8 Several issues plagued Carter in his bid for reelection, including all of the following except
Question 9 The temporary improvement in the American economy during Reagan’s early tenure was mainly the result of
Question 10 Reagan was the perfect conservative candidate and president because of his belief in

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