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POL110 U.S. Government
Question 1
The term participatory democracy applies most accurately to which of the following societies?
Question 2
Patrick Henry was a critic of the proposed Constitution, and he predicted that if the Constitution were ratified,
Question 3
When the Framers of the Constitution wrote “republican form of government,” they were referring to what we call
Question 4
In our political system, Aristotle’s ideal of direct democracy has been most closely approximated by the
Question 5
One distinctive feature of many European democracies is that very few offices are
Question 6
How many delegates to the Philadelphia Convention had signed the Declaration of Independence?
Question 7
Under the Articles of Confederation, delegates to the national legislature were
Question 8
The American version of representative democracy was based on two major principles: __________and __________.
Question 9
An unalienable right is one that is based on
Question 10
The U.S. Constitution was approved by
Question 11
The interstate commerce that the federal government can regulate has been, until recently, interpreted to include
Question 12
The text says that it would be a mistake to conclude that the doctrine of dual federalism is
Question 13
__________ is a political system in which the national government shares power with local governments.
Question 14
A federal republic derives its powers from the
Question 15
A central premise in Marshall’s analysis of federalism was that the government of the United States was established by
Question 16
The immigrant group usually associated with the drive for bilingual education is composed of
Question 17
The Sedition Act of 1798 was, in part, the result of strained relations between the United States and
Question 18
The earliest immigrant group to arrive in large numbers and thus alter the scope of civil liberties issues consisted of
Question 19
In this Supreme Court decision, the Court held that the federal guarantees of free speech and free press also applied to the states.
Question 20
The clear-and-present danger test balanced what two ideas?
Question 21
Laws that address public order and the safety and morals of citizens have traditionally been considered the focus of
Question 22
The __________ Amendment made clear that no state may deny the right to vote on the basis of sex.
Question 23
In order to discourage segregation, federal laws began to
Question 24
Rosa Parks had a tremendous impact on the civil rights movement when she refused to
Question 25
The difference between de facto and de jure segregation is that

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